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Art is the way a civilization leaves its imprint on the world. Art is the first, and the only remaining. It’s a cumulative expression, an identity of a society, and a reflection of how it conducted itself. Ask anyone of a culture, and the references will always circle back to an artistic expression, of any kind. Art is the echo that keeps our voices alive, today, and across millennia.  The study of Nuevo Ancients, is a research into lost civilizations, through their art imprints. It’s a desire to give voices to the ones who are lost to time. A nosedive into the actual archaic archives, to find within the remnants, those patterns, textures & the visual identity that the world forgot. And bring them to life in today’s cultural atmosphere, and let them re-print themselves through this art of revival. Make new, that was once lost.

Nuveo INCA MOTIF_edited.png



As the first study into 'NUEVO ANCIENTS'. this is a deep dive into the Mesoamerican cultures of the yesteryears. All the motifs, designs and patterns are inspired by the lost art of the Incas, the Azetcs and the other Mohican tribes that walked the earth much before any of us. And left their imprints on our world through their art. We intend to bring that art back, and relive them through our canvases and artistic lifestyle products.

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